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    Watch Web Therapy Online
    Fiona Wallice (played by Lisa Kudrow, better known for her role in the successful TV series Friends) is a therapist. But she always gets to roll her eyes when someone steps in and fills her time with unimportant information. She tends to disagree with the ‘50 minutes’ therapy session with a doctor because patients forget when to stop talking and don’t know what is relevant to their situation and what not.


    So, she comes up with an idea. And, she might say, it’s a brilliant, original one. Everybody knows how to use a computer and internet nowadays. So, she decides to take her cases via iChat. And it will only last 3 minutes; 3 minutes to point exactly what the problem is and solve it – without the insignificant chat from the usual sessions.


    She is also recording the cases so that she can convince sponsors about the necessity and the efficiency of her program. Sprinkled with Lisa’s witty sense of humour, this dark comedy has more in store for you than you’d expect. Plus, you may never know what other celebrity will pop on Fiona’s screen for one of her short therapies.


    First Aired: September 22, 2008
    Runtime: 8 minutes
    Genre: Comedy

    Watch Web Therapy Online