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    Utopia is a British production, a crime TV series aired by Channel 5 and created by Denis Kelly, credited for other two series – Spooks and Pulling. The story follows the events after the discovery of a manuscript, a cult graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments who seem to have predicted the most devastating outcomes that had taken place in the last century.


    The people who have discovered it and are now in possession of this peculiar ‘comics’ are suddenly hunted down by The Network, an organization that wants no word spread about the pages of the book. They now have to find ways to stay alive and discover the meaning of those bizarre cartoons before they become reality.


    Jessica Hyde, played by Fionna O’Shaughnessy, is the daughter of the man who created the Utopia manuscripts. She has been targeted by The Network even since childhood.


    On her crazy run she drags more people in this race. Becky (Alexandra Roach) is slowly uncovering the connection between the manuscript and her father’s peculiar death. Ian (Nathan Stewart – Jarrett) is an IT consultant who digs far too deep for his own safety, and Wilson (Adeel Akhatar) is becoming the weak stop under torture.


    Dystopian in approach, almost a work of art brought on TV, this thriller can be dangerously addictive as the story unfolds episode by episode.


    First Aired: January 15, 2013
    Air Day: Tuesday
    Air Time: 22:00
    Runtime: 55 minutes
    Network: Channel 4
    Genre: Drama Science-Fiction Thriller

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