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    Stephen King, the world’s most copious writer, and Steven Spielberg, the wildly prolific producer, join forces and infuse life into Stephen King’s best-selling novel about an indestructible and unperceivable dome that suddenly covers the town of Chester’s Mill. As bad luck would have it, nothing can get in and nothing can get out.


    The inhabitants of the small city no longer have many strings… like provisions, emergency services and all other life-sustaining necessities. More than that, the mysterious dome descended while most of the police forces and all the fire department man power traveled to the next county to march in a parade. For the residents of Chester’s Mill it’s like being captive in a giant terrarium. Nobody knows if the impenetrable barrier was sent by God, aliens, the government or terrorists.


    However, what happens to these people may be more important than why it happened. Meet the key players of the small city! Dale “Barbie” Barbara (Mike Vogel, Miami Medical, Bates Motel) is a charming and enigmatic traveler, whose friendship with Julia Shumway (Rachelle Lefevre, How I Met Your Mother, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), the editor of the local newspaper, The Independent, threatens to shed light on his mysterious past.


    James “Big Jim” Rennie (Dean Norris, The Glades, Lie to Me), is a greedy politician, who seeks to use the dome as a way to gain control of Chester’s Mill. A young deputy, Linda Esquivel (Natalie Martinez, Sons of Tucson, Detroit 1-8-7) gets a good start in life under the mentorship of Sheriff Howard “Duke” Perkins (Jeff Fahey, Psych, Criminal Minds). A dreamer, Angie McAlister (Britt Robertson, Life Unexpected, The Secret Circle) makes her living as a candy striper at the local health clinic. James “Junior” Rennie (Alexander Koch, Winter, The Ghosts) is a youngster with a heavy heart, who spent his life growing up in the shadow of his father, Big Jim. Joe McAlister (Colin Ford, Supernatural, Private Practice) is an adventurous and smart teenager, whose parents were trapped on the other side of the barrier. Phil Bushey (Nicholas Strong, The Office, Nashville), a popular DJ, finds himself in charge of the only radio station able to reach the town while Dodee Weaver (Jolene Purdy, Breaking Bad, Glee), his engineer, manages to make contact with the outside world.


    First Aired: June 24, 2013
    Air Day: Wednesday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 45 minutes
    Network: CBS
    Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction


    Watch Under the Dome Streaming Here