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    “The whole cosmic field of humanity comes down to electromagnetic energy and connections…” Through Touch, Tim Kring, the mastermind of Heroes, teleports us to the mystical world of one of the 36 Righteous people who can see the “pain of the universe” through the language of numbers. The intricate thriller drama series revolves around Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland, 24, The Simpsons), a former journalist turned baggage handler at JFK whose wife was killed in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, and his 11-year-old son, Jacob “Jake” Bohm (David Mazouz, Private Practice, The Office).


    Although he never spoke a word and may be autistic, the little boy possesses a special gift. Obsessed with numbers, he can see patterns that explain everything, patterns that most people are incapable of discerning. Jake has the trick of making himself scarce any time an adult turns his or her back on him. After his latest escapade, child protective services are called, and a social worker, Clea Hopkins (Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Doctor Who, Trial & Retribution), gets involved.


    Just when Martin is about to surrender all hope, the numbers that Jake is always scribbling in notebooks start to make sense. Phone numbers and dates begin to emerge. Thus and so, he gets in touch with Professor Arthur Teller (Danny Glover, My Name is Earl, Psych), who saw and worked with cases of people possessing numerical clairvoyance. One of his former child patients is Amelia “Amy” Robbins (Saxon Sharbino, I Spit on Your Grave, Trust Me), a girl whose special ability is similar to that of Jake’s. It seems that she disappeared without a trace.


    As if things weren’t difficult enough, Clea learns that an organization called Aster Corps, which provides the boy’ school with modern equipment, wants to study his gift. While running for their lives, Martin and Jake cross path with Lucy Robbins (Maria Bello, ER, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Amy’s mother. Complicating Lucy’s quest to find her daughter and Martin’s attempts to protect Jake is Guillermo Ortiz (Saïd Taghmaoui, Lost, Strike Back), a former priest turned murderer, who is determined to eliminate all 36 Righteous people to restore the natural order of the universe… although he is one of them.


    Does good always triumph over evil? It remains to be seen…


    First Aired: January 25, 2012
    Air Day: Friday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 40 minutes
    Network: FOX
    Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction


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