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    Watch The Unit Online
    Created by Eric Haney, a former Delta Force operator, this TV show centers on the U.S. Army unit also knows as the Delta Force.


    The “Fort Griffith” army post is a recruit based post with men usually serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment and Special Forces Groups. Only few of them are selected and the next step is to prepare them through a series of complicated training, from counter-terrorism, reconnaissance to direct action missions. However, the Delta Force is never mentioned, this special group being often called simply “The Unit” or the “First Special Action Group”.


    The Unit responds to few; directly to their commanding officer, Colonel Tom Ryan (Robert Patrick) and indirectly to the president of the United States.


    This is their lives, both in battle and in confronting personal matters. It’s an intriguing perspective inside their lives and the soldiers’ struggle to keep a hold on both their career and their personal affairs.
    The Unit is an entertaining and down to earth show, attempting to grasp the soldier’s perspective in the most realistic way.

    First Aired: March 7, 2006
    Air Day: Sunday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: CBS
    Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

    Watch The Unit Online