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    Watch The Soul Man Online
    The Soul Man is a sitcom aired by TV Land and created by Suzanne Martin (Ellen, Frasier, Hot in Cleveland) and Cedric the Entertainer (on his real name Cedric Antonio Kyles – host of the TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire).


    A fun and easy-going show, the plot gravitated around an R&B superstar who also, coincidentally becomes minister. Played by Cedric the Entertainer, Reverend Boyce ‘The Voice’ Ballantine was by all means the star – a Las Vegas VIP, on top of the music charts, he was living the sweet life.


    But out of the blue everything will change – with what could be called a revelation, Boyce hears “the calling” and understands what he really must do with his life. So he grabs his family and moves to less flamboyant St. Louis in order to become a preacher at his father’s church. To say that his wife, Lolli (Niecy Nassh) and his daughter Lyric (Jazz Raycole) are not happy with the new changes is an understatement. And things are not in his favor either since the community is not that open-minded about being lectured by someone who appealed to vices not long ago.


    The Soul Man is everything you need to stay positive on a gloomy day.


    First Aired: June 20, 2012
    Air Day: Wednesday
    Air Time: 11:00 PM
    Runtime: 30 minutes
    Network: TV Land
    Genre: Comedy


    Watch The Soul Man Online