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    The Center is a secret organization whose purposes are left untold. One day they discover a small child, a genius and a prodigy with an amazing talent: he could impersonate whoever he wanted with his confidence and wits, fooled even the best.


    Because of this, the boy was taken young from his family and lied to. He was told that he was an orphan and was to be raised as one of the best agents of the organization.


    But as years pass Jarod (played by Michael T. Weiss) becomes too smart not to realize that he had been fed a lie. Confronting the situation and finding the truth, he escapes The Center and runs in order to track down his real family and learn about the person he was supposed to be. He is hunted down by the organization and by the 2 people that he cared the most – or thought he did, until he found out that they were mere gents set to gain his trust – his teacher and mentor and his childhood friend.


    Now he has to escape their attacks but in the process he learns how to be a better person and how to use his training to help others as he moves about to remain undetected.


    First Aired: September 19, 1996
    Runtime: 45 minutes
    Network: NBC
    Genre: Action, Adventure

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