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    Watch The Lottery Online
    The Lottery is a post-apocalyptic thriller created by Timothy J. Sexton and aired by Lifetime.


    The action of the series takes place in the year of 2025. Because of a horrible pandemic women are all rendered infertile. No child has been given life to on earth since 2019. After all this time, Dr Alison Lennon, played by Marley Shelton (Electra Luxx, Scream 4, Decoding Annie Parker) and her assistant, Dr. James Lynch become the key of progress when they manage the impossible: to fertilize enough eggs in order to create 100 viable human embryos.


    This is the braking point of a global chaos. Unfathomably valuable, the embryos fall into the attention of the United States with one question at stake: who will be the surrogates?


    While some believe that the embryos should become property of the U.S. government , the idea of a public lottery to select 100 women for the project is born. The more Alison and James get dragged into this fight for power the closer they get to the cause of the entire disaster.


    First Aired: July 20, 2014
    Air Day: Sunday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: Lifetime
    Genre: Drama, Thriller


    Watch The Lottery Online