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    “You’re really…? The L-word? Lord God, I never met one before.” Is a line from Jane Chambers’ play ‘My Blue Heaven”. “The L word” is one way to make a reference to lesbians.


    And this is what the show is about. There is an entire history of relationships on both the big screen and on televisions. But producers have always avoided bringing upfront any other sort of couples besides heterosexual.


    The Los Angeles community is known for the great number of lesbians living there. And this is the story of a group of small friends. We meet all these characters through the eyes of Jenny (Mia Kirshner), a writer who moves out after breaking up with her boyfriend. She finds out that her new neighbors, Tina and Bette (Laurel Holloman and Jennifer Beals) are a happy couple who wish to adopt a baby. Through them she meets the rest of girls and slowly she embarks in understanding world through their eyes.


    Are lesbians and gay really that different when it comes to love and relationships? This TV show sets to prove the contrary. There is absolutely no difference between the life of a straight and a gay person. They all go through happy and sad times, they fight for their dreams and solve their problems, they laugh and they cry all the same, they fall in love or grow apart.


    First Aired: January 18, 2004
    Air Day: Sunday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: Showtime
    Genre: Drama

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