Watch The Knick Online Free Full Episodes

  • Watch The Knick Online Free Full Episodes


    Watch The Knick Online Free Full Episodes
    The Knick is a period drama directed by Steven Soderbergh (known for his movies such as Ocean’s Eleven, Out of Sight and Traffic) and aired by Cinemax. This new production follows the story of the medical staff on the Knickerbocker Hospital in New York, at the beginning of the twentieth century.


    In a time where progress was too fast for the people to adapt and understand, these innovative men and women take upon themselves to bring the new medicine practices into use. Dr. John ‘Thack’ Thackery, portrayed by Clive Owen ( Hemingway & Gellhorn, Sin City, Closer) is the new appointed chief surgeon at the hospital after his friend and superior commits suicide.



    He is a brilliant and above all ambitious doctor; his work and his dedication for future discoveries has earned him the respect of the medical board. Yet, he struggles with the vices of the end of the century ā€“ he is an addict to opium ā€“ and his morality and integrity are endangered by his regular visits to the Chinatown opium fen. He works together with brilliant men like his new assistant chief surgeon ā€“ Dr. Alernon Edwards (Andre Holland) who, in spite of his European-trained background and Harvard studies is looked down upon because of the color of his skin; Herman Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) the manager of the hospital who is trying to deal with the debts; or Cornelia Robertson (Juliet Rylance), head of the hospital’s wale-fare office.


    These few people leading their lives around the Knick Hospital are caught in a time of both innovation and decline. Their stories and their struggle make the show a fantastic and memorable experience.



    First Aired: August 8, 2014
    Air Day: Friday
    Air Time: 10:00 pm
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: Cinemax
    Genre: Drama


    Watch The Knick Online Free Full Episodes



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