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    The Game is a British mini-series spy thriller set up in 1970s London which tells the story of the invisible war fought by MI5 in order to protect the nation from the threats and repercussions of the Cold War.


    Joe Lambert is a young MI5 agent who falls in love with one of his Russian contacts and plans to defect to the Soviet Union. Things don’t go as planned however and Lambert is arrested. “Daddy”(Brian Cox), his superior covers for Lambert and has him released. This is the situation when the series starts and when MI5 is contacted by a Soviet agent working undercover, Arkady (Marcel Iures), who tells them about “Operation Glass”, a secret plan of major importance.


    The moody, dark atmosphere, the music and camera work, the strange asymmetric camera angles they are each meant to provide tension at every turn, to distort the viewers ability to tell who’s deceitful and who is honest and all in all to create the sentiment of leaving in that time and age. Each episode solves a new problem that only raises the stakes and a new question of what is real and what is fake and, in the end, what is the Game, is slowly explored and to be answered in the last possible moment. The show however is more than just about the Cold Ware “game” between the UK and the USSR. It explores the games we play in our social, professional and public lives and how people cope with love and betrayal. The Game focuses on intrigue and personal aspirations and in the end it is proved that everyone is playing a game with each other.


    What is important to know about this show is that actually the real Game is to make us watch, and it does that brilliantly by forcing the viewer to wonder about what is about to happen next, while at the same time making him take a memory test in order to remember what hints and details they saw that foretold the current upcome.


    First Aired: November 5, 2014
    Air Day: Wednesday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: BBC America
    Genre: Adventure, Mini-Series, Suspense


    Watch The Game Online