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    Watch The Book of Negroes Online
    The title of the series, as well as the name of the novel on which it is based, written by Lawrence Hill, is derived from an historical document which records names and descriptions of 3,000 African-American slaves who escaped to the British lines during the American Revolution and were evacuated to Nova Scotia as freedmen.


    The Book of Negroes is a mini-series that focuses on the journey of Aminata Diallo (Aunjanue Ellis), from her village in West Africa, from where she was taken at the fragile age of eleven-years-old, through the slave plantations of South Carolina, New York, Nova Scotia, Sierra Leone and finally back home where she can voice out her life’s story.


    In 1750, the young Aminata Diallo is abducted from her village and sold into slavery on a South Carolina plantation to the cruel Robertson Appleby (Greg Bryk). She will fall in love with Chekura (Lyriq Bent), a boy in the slaving party who was sold together with her to the same master and she will bear him a child. As slaves’ lives were never easy, her baby is sold from her and she ends up the property of Solomon Lindo (Allan Hawco), from whom she escapes in New York. She ends up taking part in the American War of Independence where she is recruited by Sir John Clarkson (Ben Chaplin) to help register names of Black British Loyalists in The Book of Negroes, granting them freedom and passage to Nova Scotia after they have served under the British Army for a year and therefor earned their freedom. Separated from her husband, Aminata ends up in Nova Scotia where more hardships await but she manages to successfully petition British abolitionists who organize passage to Africa for 1,200 former slaves and thus she manages to return to her homeland many years after her unwilling departure.


    First Aired: January 7, 2015
    Air Day: Wednesday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: CBC
    Genre: Drama, Mini-Series


    Watch The Book of Negroes Online