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    Watch The Affair Online

    The Affair is the latest creation of Sarath Treem, the mastermind behind The House of Cards and Hagia Levi, known for the HBO’s successful series In Treatment. A psychological drama, this TV show aired on Showtime dares to venture into the complex and life-shaking effects of an summer time affair. Noah Solloway, played by Dominic West (The Wire, The Devil’s Whore) is a married man, a happy husband and father. He had everything he wanted. Noah decides to spend his vacation with his family at his in-law’s estate, in the resort town of Montauk on Long Island. Alison Lockhart, portrayed by Ruth Wilson (better known for her formidable roles in Luther) is a waitress at the resort. He’s a modest teacher in New York, working on his second novel and his biggest burden is his unwilling dependence on the wealth of her wife’s family. Alison is struggling to save her marriage after losing her child.



    The two meet at ‘the end of the world’. In spite of their struggle to stay away from one another they both give into their biggest desire. And after everything is consumed the two of them have answers to give in front of the detectives investigating a crime. The answers might be at the bottom of their affair.



    Their story is presented from two different points of view, both Noah’s and Alison’s. The power and psychological implications of the show are given by the two different perspectives on the same events.



    First Aired: October 19, 2014
    Air Day: Sunday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: Showtime
    Genre: Drama

    Watch The Affair Online



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