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    This is the third series based on the Stargate franchise, one of the most loved science-fiction universes. This time around the story focuses on the fate of a small group that finds themselves secluded on an Ancient abandoned ship and their efforts to return home.


    It all starts with the unlocking of the Stargate’s ninth chevron by an international team of explorers from Earth, stationed on the Icarus base. But in the process they are attacked by the enemy forces and while dialing the Stargate to bring them home, they soon come to realize that the damages would follow them on Earth. The remaining survivors of the attack flee through the stargate right before the planet exploded and find themselves on board on the abandoned Ancient ship, the Destiny.


    In this ‘small’ predicament’ the crew embarks on a journey back home, from a Stargate to another, in hopes to get on the right trail across the universe as they have to face the unknown and the threats they encounter on their way. But the more time they spend on the ship, the more they find about its initial purpose, making them have second doubts about what could be morally more important – returning safe and sound on the Milky Way galaxy or finish the job that the ship was created for.


    First Aired: October 2, 2009
    Air Day: Monday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: Syfy
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction

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