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  • Watch Six Feet Under Online

    Watch Six Feet Under Online
    We like to watch TV series that show us extraordinary events in our everyday life. We want to see ourselves in the characters of a family and feel that we can relate to them. This is why there are many shows that follow the life of family members, friends, and relatives. But none like this one.



    Six feet under is in its all a family story with a twist. This particular family from California owns a business – they run a funeral house. How can that alone influence the members of the family and the relationships between them? Well… since each episode starts with a new ‘customer’ we can only assume the type of dark humour this show nourishes. Also having imaginary conversations with recently dead people can’t be healthy, can it? But at times this is how the characters deal with their own ‘lively’ problems. It pays off to have an ear who listens to you but when even the dead are cheeky and make fun of you… maybe you should men up and face reality.



    A HBO production that is smart, entertaining, humorous and with a tint of morality. This show is daring and that alone makes it a winner compared to many other of its kind.



    First Aired:June 3, 2001
    Air Day:Monday
    Air Time:9:00 PM
    Runtime:60 minutes

    Watch Six Feet Under Online