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    Siberia is a new take on horror TV shows. What can be scarier than the possibility of real things that can happen to regular people?


    Survival realities shows are in vogue these days. But this particular one has a terrible turn of events. Sixteen people participate in such a TV show that takes place in Tunguska, situated in the north of the vast territory of Siberia. The winner of this survival is supposed to go back home with a generous prize of $500,000.


    Even from the beginning the participants starts to notice weird and strange things happening around them. Eventually full panic installs when one of the people dies. And then, one day, they find themselves abandoned, away from the civilizations and with no sign of the producers of the show. What first was supposed to be a game transforms into a horrible life or death race. Hunted down by unnatural things, they have to stay united or fall one by one.


    The more they venture into the area the more they discover horrible things about its past, and the incident that happened 100 years before, when a meteorite hit the exact stop in which they were fighting for survival.


    First Aired: July 1, 2013
    Air Day: Monday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: NBC
    Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller

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