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  • Watch Rizzoli and Isles Series Online


    Watch Rizzoli and Isles Series Online

    Sprung from the pages of the Rizzoli & Isles series of novels written by Tess Gerritsen, this police procedural crime drama revolves around two brilliant and sassy women who yank some of Boston’s most notorious malefactors.


    Raised in a blue-collar Italian American family, Jane Clementine Rizzoli (Angie Harmon, Law & Order, Chuck) is a right as a trivet police detective who fought tooth and nail to win the respect of her colleagues. While she can tackle a perpetrator like a linebacker anytime, Jane hands it to her demanding and nosey-parker mother. Although they are best friends, Dr. Maura Dorthea Isles (Sasha Alexander, Friends, NCIS), the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Chief Medical Examiner and a forensic expert working at the Boston Police Department, is the complete opposite of Jane.


    The adopted only child of a wealthy family, she is cleverness itself, able to slip in facts, regardless of whether or not they are relevant to a case. A ravishing woman who is always dressed impeccably, Maura has trouble with men due to her brutal honesty and habit of revealing all their medical conditions.


    The one who takes Jane’s heart out is her demanding and intrusive mother, Angela Rizzoli (Lorraine Bracco, The Sopranos, Lipstick Jungle). Overly protective of her children, she hasn’t put her eyes together since Jane decided to become a cop. Angela wishes her daughter could stop being a tomboy and start being a lady. The second-born child of the Rizzoli kids, Frankie Jr. (Jordan Bridges, Charmed, Dollhouse) tries to make his own way on the police force. Although he sees his sister as a role model, he doesn’t like feeling caught in her shadow. Naturally, there is a black sheep in every flock. Tommy (Colin Egglesfield, All My Children, Hawaii Five-0), the youngest brother of Jane and Frankie, was caught up on the wrong side of the law. After running a priest over at a crosswalk on his third DUI violation, he was sent behind bars. The head of the family, Frankie Sr. (Chazz Palminteri, Dallas, Modern Family) owns and runs a plumbing business called Rizzoli and Sons.


    Maura’s civvy street isn’t bare of adventures. Constance Isles (Jacqueline Bisset, Ally McBeal, Nip/Tuck), her adoptive mother and a brilliant modern master and art historian, uses to catch Maura off her guard.


    After years of working together, Jane Rizzoli maintains a close relationship with Detective Vince Korsak (Bruce McGill, Numb3rs, Psych), her former partner and unofficial mentor. However, there is no love lost between him and Jane’s new companion-in-arms, Barry Frost (Lee Thompson Young, Smallville, Scrubs).


    Rich in mysterious plots that dazzle with complexity and twists, Rizzoli & Isles always keeps you guessing. Don’t ruminate anymore and take the plunge right into the action!


    First Aired: July 12, 2010
    Air Day: Tuesday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: TNT
    Genre: Crime, Drama

    Watch Rizzoli and Isles Series Online