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    Watch Ravenswood Online

    Ravenswood is a small, quiet town in Pennsylvania. It looks like the sort of place where nothing extraordinary happens, and yet… something strange is about to awaken.


    Five complete strangers can feel it. Teenagers Caleb Rivers, Miranda Collins, Remy Beaumont, Luke and Olivia Matheson are drown together by a series of unexplainable events and they soon get thrown in a destiny that they either face it or disappear.


    Caleb (played by Tyler Blackburn) is from outside Ravenswood. For him things start being creepy and uncomfortable when he finds a tombstone in the town’s graveyard with a picture of a man who resembled him to the last pore. Luke (Brett Dier), and Olivia (Merritt Patterson), even though so very different are twins. They bear the heavy words of others because of who their mother is. Remy (Britne Oldford) works at the town’s newspaper and her clever mind will help the others uncover the truth and the curse that has all of them trapped. And last, Miranda (played Nicole Gale Anderson) returns to Ravenswood on the same bus with Caleb to talk with her only left relative, her uncle. She will soon discover what his uncle has been hiding from her; that she had died in an accident and only those linked to the curse could see her.


    It is up to them to uncover the secrets that the history of the town is keeping and break the curse, or fall victims under the horrors of Ravenswood.



    First Aired: October 22, 2013
    Air Day: Tuesday
    Air Time: 8:00 pm
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: ABC Family
    Genre: Drama


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