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    A secret government project working with the abilities of DNA went out of hand and what should have been a discreet research ended in a disaster, the new mutants being released and lost into society. Two of the scientists working on the project decided to take action after this.


    Mason Eckhart became so obsessed with the program and his personal goals that he soon started to use the mutants for his own profit. On the other hand, his co-partner, Adam Kane, moved by remorse, took into his hands to stop him and make for his own mistakes by helping mutants in whatever way he could. This is the reason why he chose to take under his guidance and protective wing 4 mutants that would work under the name of Mutant X: Shelimar Fox, a Feline Feral, possesses the agility, strength, speed and reflexes of a tiger.


    She was the first mutant rescued by Adam and she nourishes a great sense of respect for him. Jess Kilmartin can alter the density of his body making him invincible to any sort of attack. Brennan Mulwray can generate enough electricity from his body to power an entire city.

    He has an interesting past as a thief, and also previously as part of Eckhart’s mutant hunting team. And last but not least, Emma DeLauro is a Tele-Empath who can connect to others thoughts and emotions, easily manipulating them.



    First Aired: October 1, 2001
    Air Day:
    Air Time:
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: Syndicated
    Genre: Science-Fiction


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