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    Madelyn “Maddie” Hayes played by Sybill Shepherd is a former top model currently left bankrupt by her investment adviser who betrayed her and had run away with all her money. The only things she has left are her house, her charm, smart mind, her beauty and one failing business – “City of Angels Detective Agency”.


    The head of the agency is a very carefree, relaxed detective David Addison Jr. played by none other than Bruce Willis. Desperate, the woman wants to close the agency and get as many money as she can from it, but David will do his best to convince her otherwise. In the end he makes her an offer to join the agency as the new boss. And this is just the beginning. Now, after changing the name of the agency in “Blue Moon Investigations” after a shampoo company that she used to be a spokesman of, Maddie is thrown into a completely changed style of life.



    Long are forgotten the catwalk and the photo-shoot sessions and here she is, solving murders, finding missing people, following cheating husbands, spying for the sake of safety and putting killers behind the bars. David’s attitude usually gets him into an aggressive contradiction with Maddie, which fires up both of them in a very delightful and humorous way.



    First Aired: March 1, 1985
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: ABC
    Genre: Comedy


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