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    In the trendy night life of Manhattan there’s a bar called Mix that stands to its name. All sort of young individuals mix all together in the chance of meeting that special someone. It’s rather irrational to expect to meet Mr. or Miss. Right in such a place but 5 girls and 5 guys have quite the stories to tell over the events of one single night.


    Each episode will focus on the interaction between two of the characters as they cross paths for the first time with one another; the conversations, the drink and something more.


    Let’s have a look at these young and beautiful people:
    Ron (played by Adam Campbell) is a millionaire – more correctly he was a millionaire until that very day after he lost 17 million dollars in a blink of an eye.
    Dominic (Adan Canto ) is an eye-candy. He’s good-looking and has no problem in taking advantage of that. He’s a bartender at the club and he also has a passion for music.
    Liv (played by Kate Simses) is smart, cute and engaged. But guess what? She’s having second thoughts.
    Fab (Frankie Shaw) is a smart, witty, fashionista who enjoys her blue-collar upbringing.
    Bruce (Andrew Santino), whilst not being the most charming one is funny enough and bluntly honest to catch the heart of any woman.
    Kacey (Banessa Lengies) – is a high-spirited, optimistic waitress. Her personality is the perfect ingredient to cheer even the saddest person in the bar.
    Tom (Blake Lee) – well… he just got duped and his friends are ready to push him back in the game whether he likes it or not.
    Maya (Ginger Gonzaga) – is a sports attorney and she’s a tough woman.
    Call (Craig Frank) – is one zen person. He’s interested in meditation and astrology and he works as a personal trainer.


    In one single night…how much can you find out about one person and what sort of relationship can you establish?


    Runtime: 30 minutes
    Network: ABC
    Genre: Comedy