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  • Watch Mistresses (US) Online

    Mistresses (US) is the American adaptation series of the 2008-2010 running British TV show with the same name. It is the story of a group of four female friends, very different from each other, who throughout the episodes end up discovering more about their limits, their believes, their faith. It’s a story of illicit and complex relationships.


    They are sexy and sassy, daring and bold, they suffer and they laugh, they discover pain and they discover bliss. Their lives are simply scandalous. Savi, played by Alyssa Milano, is a senior in life, a successful career woman. Her little sister is quite the opposite; Josselyn ( Jes Macalla) is spoiled, almost brattish with her decisions and single; she loves to enjoy life at its fullest, between parties and one-night stands and when things get out of hand she has a bad habit of running to her sister for help.


    April (Rochelle Aytes) is their mutual best friend, a recent widow with two children. The last member of the group, Karen (Yunjin Kim) is a successful therapist who gets in a bit of a situation after she starts a relationship with one of her patients. These four characters will let you have a peek inside their personal lives and the drama will slowly drag you into this storm of secrecy, betrayal and self-discovery.


    First Aired: June 3, 2013
    Air Day: Monday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 40 minutes
    Network: ABC
    Genre: Drama, Thriller

    Watch Mistresses (US) Online