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    Who hasn’t played with the idea of living in New York? That sort of fast paced life, a profession that pays well, you enjoy, and yet you enjoy more complaining about it? The sort of life that Paul and Jaime Buchman have after getting married.


    Mad about you is a comedy show were actors Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt play the roles of a recently married couple in New York. He is a documentary film maker while his wife, Jaime, is a public relation specialist, recently unemployed .


    They go around facing the ups and downs of life, small conflicts or hard struggles but they do it with great comic relief. Each episode is a humorous battle with the New York anxieties, the in-laws, the groceries, the English neighbors, walking their lovely dog, Murray, and so many other small details in their life. The dialogue, edgy and quick, the wits and the lively acting make this TV show a very clever production.



    First Aired: September 23, 1992
    Air Day:
    Air Time:
    Runtime: 25 minutes
    Network: NBC
    Genre: Comedy

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