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    People and by excellence, scientist, have always looked for ways of making the artificial intelligence more closer to human abilities and they’ve tried to make it react as human and personal as they could. But one organization thought out of the box. What of instead of humanizing the cyber-robot they could bring the cybernetic abilities to the human.


    And they decided to test it on one of their field agents. Gabriel Vaughn (josh Holloway, well known for his character in Lost) is an ex Delta Force operative and he’s that agent, becoming this way not only a guinea pig but also an essential piece for the good guys. He is a living and breathing weapon. He can gain access through internet, satellite, telephone to each and every place and code his mind can focus on. And this sort of power needs to be kept under control and safe. Now, Gabriel is not exactly the most professional and polished agent around. His reckless attitude can end up putting the entire operation in a lot of danger. This is why the organization hires an ex-Secret Service agent to look after ‘it’, and ensure its safety. Riley Neal (Meghan Ory) is a U.S. Cyber Command Special Agent and her role is to protect the chip and its carrier.


    This is a TV show that brings science into a different light than what we are used with. It’s a constant clock-bomb that gives you the chance to consider the possibilities of artificial intelligence through the fast action- paced rhythm of each episode.


    First Aired: January 7, 2014
    Air Day: Monday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: CBS
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

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