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  • Watch House Episodes Online

    House M.D.” follows the life of a brilliant diagnostician who, with the help of his amazing team, does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases. Dr. Gregory House’s world renowned department only receives patients who have very rare diagnoses, but realistic… “a conglomeration of all the worst things that can happen to people from all over the world, crammed into one little community” (Andrew Holtz). The patients are usually misdiagnosed and under the circumstances, receive the wrong treatment which leads to further complications.

    Watch House Episodes Online

    Using the new symptoms, House and his team manage to put the correct diagnosis. Believe it or not, often their mission is made heavy because the patients lie about symptoms and circumstances. Our diagnostician believes in an edict: “All patients lie.” They lie about how bad they actually feel, about where they were when they first felt sick and even about their own bad habits.

    The series also centers on House’s drug addiction. Because of a leg injury, he is addicted to Vicodin, but says: “(The pills)… let me do my job and they take away my pain.” Though House is unquestionably a brilliant diagnostician, he is cynic, misanthrope, a stiff neck and difficult man. Despite that, his great team, formed by the oncologist James Wilson, House’s only friend, Dr. Eric Foreman, a neurologist with a troubled past, Dr. Robert Chase and the immunologist Dr. Allison Cameron who sparks with the always distant House, supports him.

    Where his colleagues can not find solutions, like a real police investigator, Dr. House discovers the source of evil that threatens the life of a patient. Join us and you can trickle into a fascinating world, the world of medical mysteries! This series will definitely catch you… Watch “House” Online on!