Watch Harper’s Island Online

  • Watch Harper’s Island Online

    A horror thriller/mystery TV Show, Harper’s Island centers on a series of riddling murders. A group of friends and some relatives attend Henry Dunn and Trish Wellington’s wedding celebration on the picturesque and secluded Harper’s Island off the coast of Seattle. The mystic location is renowned for some unelucidated crimes which took place seven years ago. The suspense reaches the maximum level when the guests are killed one by one.

    A murderer transforms the celebration into a struggle for survival giving the “until death do us part” quote… a new meaning. Everyone is a suspect and no one is safe. Until the end of the thirteen episodes, only a few will survive… or not? Has the killer returned or is another murderer playing the devil and all with them?

    Watch Harper’s Island Online

    Among the main characters rank Abby Mills, “the good girl” and groom’s best friend, Chloe Carter, “the flirt”… one of Trish’s bridesmaids, Dr. Cal Vandeusen, Chloe’s boyfriend, Sheriff Charlie Mills, the law on Harper’s Island and Abby’s father and others who are waiting to be discovered. The titles for the show’s episodes actually represent the onomatopoeic sound made when the victim dies: “Whap”, “Crackle”, “Ka-Blam”, “Bang” and so on… Making a long story short, “Harper’s Island can be seen as “Scream” meets “10 Little Indians”. Enjoy!!!