Watch Getting On (US) Online Free Full Episodes

  • Watch Getting On (US) Online Free Full Episodes

    Getting on is about the usual life in a geriatric extended care wing. Even if it’s a comedy, it is neither easy nor exceptionally heavy, considering the background. It’s simply real. It’s not only the story of the nurses and doctors who have in their care the elders, but it’s about the patients as well. Most of the cases are not pretty… some of the patients suffer from Alzheimer, dementia, paralysis… it is not exactly the most easy thing to deal with. These are their lives.


    This is how they face it from both sides, as a patient and as a nurse.Denise “DiDi” Ortley, (Neicy Nash) is a new nurse in this wing. She is kind and considerate. Along with her the rest of the cast, they play an amazing role of taking you through a rollercoaster of emotions. In matters of seconds this TV show makes you go from intrigued to uncomfortable, from the verge of crying to sarcastic, insightful laughter.


    Getting On is different from all the medical TV shows we’ve seen. It’s incredibly smart, human, real. With the pint of dark humour, this series walks you through the sort of life that some of us can’t avoid, and shows you how people manage to cope with the ending years of life.

    First Aired: November 24, 2013
    Air Day: Sunday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 30 minutes
    Network: HBO
    Genre: Comedy, Drama


    Watch Getting On (US) Online Free Full Episodes