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    Based on the book “Good Christian Bitches” by Kim Gatlin, GCB is a funny, heart warming and saucy drama that sets the alarm bells ringing. You can return home only if you’re ready to face the sins of your past. After her marriage ends in scandal, Amanda Vaughn, once the most popular and mean girl in school, is forced to return to her hometown of Highland Park, Texas. Although she is a changed woman, her old classmates have their doubts. Amanda’s victims remember her as a heartless person. Some of them see that she is nothing like the girl she was 18 years ago and welcome her with open arms, while others decide to settle an old score.

    Watch GCB Online

    Amanda and her two teenage children move in with her mother Gigi Stopper, a prudish, self-righteous, Christian woman and Dallas socialite. On top of all that, they live across the street from Carlene Cockburn, a former “nerd girl”. Amanda used to taut Carlene due to her short height and grey appearance. Several plastic surgery procedures turned her into the new “Queen Bitch” and leader of the GCBs.

    Among the innocent followers rank the catchy and distinguished CEO Cricket Caruth Reilly, the former beauty queen, now housewife and mother Sharon Peacham and the always single but successful realtor Heather Cruz. The latter is the only one of the GCBs who accepts Amanda’s apologies and befriends her.

    Last but not least, there are the men who stand behind and beside these great women (except Heather, of course). Carlene’s Ripp is a devoted beefcake with a secret or two, Cricket’s Blake is gay and in love with his ranch foreman while Sharon’s Zack is a former athlete who has a crush on Amanda.

    These being said, welcome to Dallas, Texas… the place where every day is judgment day!