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  • Watch Flash Forward Online

    What would you do if you knew what your future held? Based on the 1999 novel of the same name written by Robert J. Sawyer, Flash Forward is an American science fiction television series that focuses on the consequences of a strange global event which simultaneously inflicts on everyone on the planet the loss of consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds. During this time, each person has some sort of visions with slices of their lives six months in the future. More than that, the first repercussions of the blackout are more than devastating… crashed aircraft, helicopters fell on buildings, cars involved in terrible accidents, millions of deaths worldwide and global panic. As if that weren’t enough, the survivors wonder whether what they saw will really happen… a quick succession of flashes and everything changes for some for the better while for others for the worse.

    Watch Flash Forward Online

    Los Angeles FBI Agent Mark Benford, whose dry wit makes him a great leader, is more than determined to discover what happened, why and whether it will happen again. What puts him in an extremely valuable position is the fact that, during his flash forward, Mark was looking at a project board covered with pictures and notes which can help them decipher the mystery. As he and his team try to figure out what caused the bizarre event, they establish a huge database of people’s flash forwards from all over the world. The Mosaic Collective is named after a case from one of the visions and, step by step, will piece together the future.

    Among the main characters of the show rank Dr. Olivia Benford, Mark’s wife and a surgeon at a major hospital, Special Agent Demetri Noh, Mark’s partner, FBI Assistant Director Stanford Wedeck, the head of the FBI Los Angeles field office, Special Agent Janis Hawk and others who are waiting to be discovered.

    Are the visions predestined to happen? Can people change their fate? Will those who saw a tenebrous future try to change it or will they take the hint and accept it? One thing we know for sure… not a single person will get away unaffected. What are you waiting for? Embark on a fascinating journey and find out the answers to these burning questions! Enjoy the show!