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    You work hard to become someone important; to have a dream job and a proper life. And you think that it’s all you need; a great job, a lovely wife. Ed Stevens (Tom Cavanagh) had everything he needed. He was married and working as a lawyer at one prestigious firm in New York. But then his wife cheats on him… with the mailman. And since trouble never comes alone he ends up making a mistake in a contract; a small punctuation error brings the firm to a financial loss and gets him fired.


    In such an awful state he returns to his small hometown, Stuckeyville, to take a break and recover from his disastrous life. It’s here where he meets old friends, and his high school crush. He takes a moment to think that he missed so much of his life.


    He had reached so high after things that kept him away from what he really loved. It’s then and there that he decided to get it all back. His friends and Carol (Julie Bowen) as well. So he buys the old local bowling alley and starts a new law firm on his own.That’s how Ed becomes “The Bowling-Alley Lawyer” with the specification that “he is a lawyer, he own a bowling alley. Two separate things”.

    First Aired: October 8, 2000
    Runtime: 45 minutes
    Network: NBC
    Genre: Comedy, Drama