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    Dominion is an apocalyptic supernatural action television series in the United States of America, created by Vaun Wilmott and based on Peter Schink and Scott Stewart’s Legion.


    The show includes some great names in its cast, such as Christopher Egan, Roxanne McKee, Shivani Ghai, Anthony Head, Tom Wisdom, Luke Allen Gale, Rosalind Halstead and Alan Dale.


    The action in Dominion is set in Cape Town, South Africa. As God disappears, the archangel Gabriel decides to destroy humanity, because he has a strong belief that people are the main reason for the Almighty’s absence. So he manages to form a real army alongside with the lower angels and the dogs of Heaven.


    The fight lasts for 25 years, but they not succeed in killing mankind, as people are being taking care of in some regions by the archangel Michael, who believes there will appear a prophesied savior who will soon save them all.


    As there aren’t left too many humans alive, they all live in a fortified city that was once Las Vegas and is now known as Vega.


    First Aired: June 19, 2014
    Air Day: Thursday
    Air Time: 9:00 pm
    Runtime: 40 minutes
    Network: Syfy
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

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