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    Eleven years went by, but passions, intrigues and dramas still hang on like a limpet to the Ewings, a wealthy family involved in the oil and cattle ranching industries. J.R. (Larry Hagman, Desperate Housewives), the antagonistic hero from the initial squad, is a cunning and ruthless man whose scheming ways held viewers spellbound. The eldest of the three Ewing brothers, he never went by the book. In 1991, after experiencing the ups and downs from winning and losing, J.R. coquetted with the idea of suicide. Following a long period of time spent in a nursing home, he returns to SouthFork Ranch with plans to take back the oil kingdom he helped to create.

    Unlike J.R., Bobby (Patrick Duffy, Family Guy) is a modest and devoted family man. The youngest Ewing brother, he led an active and balanced life. Bobby married the lovely Pam (Victoria Principal, The Practice), adopted Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe, Smallville), got elected to the senate and beat J.R. for control of Ewing Oil. He is now the current proprietor of SouthFork Ranch. Although Bobby has an instinct for business, he is determined to keep the promise he made to his mother, Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes, The Long Night), before she died: not to let anyone drill for oil on SouthFork.

    A former Miss Texas, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray, 90210) met J.R. in 1967 at the pageant for which he was a judge. They instantly fell in love with each other, but, after several years, their marriage deteriorated due to J.R.’s numerous extramarital affairs and her alcohol addiction. Nowadays, Sue Ellen is a powerful woman who leads a successful fundraising campaign, with various causes under her belt and a roster of weighty comrades in her phonebook. However, she has a load on her mind. Sue Ellen regrets that she wasn’t there for her son, John Ross (Josh Henderson, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation).

    Now, the future of the family fortune lays in the hands of the Ewing offspring. Both Christopher and John Ross are a real chip off the old block. While Christopher is more interested in the upkeep of SouthFork Ranch and specializes in renewable and sustainable energy systems, his cousin is determined to resurrect the Ewings’ former position in the oil industry.

    Among the new members of the family rank Ann Ewing (Brenda Strong, 7th Heaven), Bobby’s third wife, Rebecca Sutter Ewing (Julie Gonzalo, NCIS), Christopher’s inamorata, and Elena Ramos (Jordana Brewster, Chuck), the daughter of the Ewing family chef, a queen of hearts who gets caught in a love triangle with Christopher and John Ross.

    “Blood may be thicker than water, but oil is a hell of a lot thicker than both.” Enjoy the show!

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