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  • Watch Chasing Life Streaming Online

    Watch Chasing Life Streaming Online

    Chasing Life is an American drama television series based on the novel “Terminales” written by Miguel Angel Fox. It stars Italia Ricci as April Carver, the main character of the show and a junior reporter at The Boston Post.


    April is only 24 and her ambitions are as big as they could be, but she’s delivered a harsh diagnose that she cannot handle that well: leukemia.


    Even though she tries to stand up for her widowed mother Sara, for her grandmother and for her rebellious sister who is younger than her, the situations overwhelms her. Her mother Sara is a therapist, but she can’t handle situations unrelated to her work, despite her knowledge. April’s sister, Brenna, is a teenager who suffered a lot after their father passed away and whose behavior is not quite a model.


    She suffers for her sister and also struggles between the love of 2 men: her classmate Greer, who she leaves and suffers for and her fellow tattoo parlor employee Kieran, whom she has a relationship with. Eventually, the only one who can support April actively is her best friend, Beth Kingston.


    First Aired: June 10, 2014
    Air Day: Tuesday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: ABC Family
    Genre: Drama

    Watch Chasing Life Streaming Online