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    Welcome to Brickleberry! This is nature in its all majesty! Or was. Because this National Park is about to shut down. The group of rangers working there are almost done, no hope left for them until an new fellow joins them, ready to bring the place back to its glory.
    This animated series airing on Comedy Central is definitely not for kids. Not only does the humor take a jump into innuendos and adult themes but the characters are created in such a manner to reach the mature audience.


    The main character is Steve Williams (voice by David Herman); he is proactive, overconfident, dedicated with no real common sense or knowledge of what he’s doing whatsoever. Still, he wears the title of ‘Ranger of the Month’ at Brickleberry for years now. Ethel (voiced by Kaitlin Olson) is the pretty, sexy female of the group and she might as well be the only one kind around there and dedicated truly to her job. “Woody” Johnson (Tom Kenny) is an ex-military, war criminal with some issues in dwelling with his feminine side.


    Denzel Jackson (Jerry Minor) is the black person who is horrible at his work but can’t be fired because he’s working for a government agency. Connie Cunaman (Roger Black) is the stereotypical lesbian, large, massive and strong. The last member of the team is Malloy (voiced by Daniel Tosh, the producer of the series), a grizzly bear that Woody took in after Steve had ran over his family. This particular bear is the meanest of them all: racist, sexist and narcissistic.


    These are the rangers …and baby bear that have no real talent in keeping the National Park safe but still try their best.


    First Aired: September 25, 2012
    Air Day: Tuesday
    Air Time: 10:30 PM
    Runtime: 30 minutes
    Network: Comedy Central
    Genre: Animation, Comedy


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