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    The Twelve Colonies used to be tribes established in a distant star system by humans after they left their place of birth, known as Kobol. But everything they have built turned to ashes during the Second War against the Cyclons, a cybernetic race whose creators they were.After this nuclear annihilation only about 50 000 humans managed to survive, saved inside civilian ships that were able to escape destruction. The fight took down the entire human Colonial Fleet, with Battlestar Galactica to be the only military ship known to resist the attack.


    Colonial Fleet officer Commander Adama (Edward James Olsom) and President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) are now in charge of leading the remaining refugees somewhere safe, in a blind search for the almost mythical lost thirteen colony, Earth. Always with the Cylons on their tracks, the crew of the warship plays a game of cat and mouse with their hunters whilst at the same time they have to face the political conflict that arises in the middle of the survivors.


    The chances of finding a safe place only known to them from fables and tales were discouraging but at that point they had nothing felt to lose.


    First Aired: December 8, 2003
    Air Day: Friday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: SciFi
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama


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