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    Watch Bates Motel Online

    From the very beginning, the A&E series’ creators Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Kerry Ehrin (Friday Night Lights) emphasized that Bates Motel isn’t an homage to Alfred Hitchcock‘s Psycho. The show serves as “a contemporary prequel” to the aforementioned genre-defining film. Bates Motel tells a story that isn’t, at first, overtly scary, but still sends shivers up your spine. We meet 17-year-old Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore, Finding Neverland, Five Children and It) on the worst night of his life to date, the night his father dies in a mysterious accident. Without further ceremony, his mother, Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga, The Departed, Up in the Air), piles him into the car and leaves Arizona for a fresh start in White Pines Bay on the beautiful Northern California coast. There, they buy a rundown motel and the house that goes along with it.

    At his new high school, Norman cuts a brilliant figure. Although he is besieged by a gaggle of pretty, popular girls, he befriends Emma Decody (Olivia Cooke, Blackout, The Secret of Crickley Hall), a charming, outsider girl with cystic fibrosis who seems to find in him a kindred spirit. Meanwhile, Norma burns her fingers again and again. She manages to arouse the interest of the sheriff (Nestor Carbonell, Monk, Psych) and his deputy (Mike Vogel, Grounded for Life, Pan Am) in different ways. To break the camel’s back, Dylan Massett (Max Thieriot, Catch That Kid, The Pacifier), Norman’s half-brother, weasels his way back into their lives.

    Without a doubt, Bates Motel is in a class of its own…

    Watch Bates Motel Online