Watch Adam Ruins Everything Online

  • Watch Adam Ruins Everything Online

    A blend of comedy, history and science, truTV’ sketch comedy debunks widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. Adam Conover’s television series isn’t the first dedicated to the fine art of eviscerating sacred cows, popular misconceptions and urban myths, but it’s one of the most entertaining. An adaptation of his videos on, Adam Ruins Everything bursts a lot of balloons filled with delusion and misinformation. Everything you thought you knew is wrong and Adam Conover is going to tell you about it using crisp, sugarcoated segments to deliver the difficult verities. “Every week I reveal the awful truth about a beloved part of your world. Just so you know that everything I’m saying is right, I’ll be listing all of my sources on screen.”

    Watch Adam Ruins Everything Online

    As Adam Conover cites statistics, interviews experts and offers up a wide array of playful visual aids from clay animation to reenactments, his co-stars sigh with dismay as their delusions are pulled away. The first episode tackles the sensitive theme of giving. After revealing the truth behind engagement rings and showing everyone that the “buy one, give one” model isn’t what we thought, the sweetly obnoxious human-Wikipedia-page takes a close look at those charitable practices that make people who enjoy comparative abundance feel good about themselves with very little effort or sacrifice.

    In the meantime, a troupe of comic actors keeps it all amusing. Mr. Adam Conover is a genial provocateur and a pathological explainer, even if he does plan in future episodes to cast discredit on vitamin supplements, internships and whether there’s really anything we can do about climate change.

    First Aired: September 29, 2015
    Air Day: Tuesday
    Air Time: 10pm
    Runtime: 30 minutes
    Network: truTV
    Genre: Comedy, Documentary

    Watch Adam Ruins Everything Online



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